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Introduction 🎉

2 mins

What is Wych Data? #

Wych Data is a Consumer Data Right accredited API platform that provides the secure access to financial and energy data.

Our APIs enable secure access to public and customer-consented financial and energy data. Wych also goes beyond raw data and offers insights - pre-built outcomes for you to use without having to write a line of code.

Wych Data API #

Now that we have your attention, you might be thinking “what can I do with this data?”. Well you have come to the right place. Wych has built 3 layers to help you and you customers access their financial and energy data. This data can be accessed as One-off or ongoing access from sources such as Banks, credit unions and energy companies.

Raw & Enhanced data #

If you have the technical skills you can access the raw data or the Wych enhanced representations. This is the ideal approach for large organisations or business with strong data security and privacy awareness.

Insights, Reports and Predictions #

If on the other-hand APIs and data aren’t your strong suit or you wish to focus on the outcome then our no-code insights, reports and predictions are the best place for you to start. Here you can access affordability reports, customer statements, customer and address verification among others.

White-labelled app #

Finally if you want to offer your customers the full experince you can speak to our team about Wych Money and the full white-labelled experience. Contact us for more information.

How do the API work? #

Wych Data API is a simple 3-step process

Getting started #

Wych makes it easy to get started. These following steps will get you set up quickly.

Configure your partner #

Register and login to Create your partner profile by entering your business details. Here you can also configure your brand and production information.

Register your application #

This is where you configure the purpose of you application, the journey and the consent information. These will all be set to sensible defaults but you should carefully consider your usecases.