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Consent is the principle where a custom gives express permission for the collection, use and disclosure of their data. In many regions it is mandatory to request this consent before interacting with a customer’s data. Without express consent, you should not able to collect, use, or disclose customer data. When a customer consents they are agreeing to a specific usecase, think of this as the terms of the consent. These are the following pieces that need to be shared with the customer when requesting there data:

  • Who is requesting access
  • What they are requesting access to
  • Why they are requesting access
  • How long the access is required
  • How the data will be handled
  • How to revoke consent

When it comes to getting customer consent for access to their data there are two ways that Wych supports. The first is our out of the box compliant brandable connection journey, this will met the needs of most businesses looking to access customer data. You can direct the user to your dedicated connection app, where they authenticate, select the data-holder and authorise the access before being directed to the data-holder to consent.

When you configure your Wych Data app in the Wych partner portal we capture the details required for the consent request. This allows you to jump straight to the data request without having to write a line of code or align with the compliance standards such as:

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Consent Journey - Basic

1 min
Wych Data’s standard consent journey is right choice for most businesses looking to access their customer information. The standard journey offers a fully compliance and brandable experience covering all the aspects required to manage a customer’s consent. The Wych partner portal contains the reference to your unique app specific connection journey link - such as{appName}/connection. This allows you to create multiple apps under the same organisation with different settings, such as one-off or repeat requests, energy or bank transaction information, or any combination of the parameters.

Consent Journey - Custom

3 mins
This is an advanced integration. Before you review our out of the box consent. Consent & Connect Occasionally it is necessary to integrate the consent flow into an existing application. This can be helpful when you are migrating from an existing provider, or working with providers in different regions and want to provide your users with a consistent user experience. In this case we provide access to the relevant API to retrive the necessary data to perform the connection journey.